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Life with a Donk

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Life with a DONK”
Okay, So I said that I would now start writing about any topics that my friends, followers, and supporters suggested. That being said ….. Lets Begin:


“I dont think you ready, for this jelly. Cause my body’s too Bootylicious”

It has been deemed, by many, that your blessing is most often your curse. That philosophy is no different when it comes to the physical nature of your body. Anyone who knows me, knows that …. Well…… I have a *donk also known as *a big butt. (Now it is not the biggest, I know, but I have never heard anyone call it small) lol

Now honestly, I can say that I LOVE my rear end BUT can I say that it isn’t annoying sometimes? NO

Having a DONK is great! Especially in a day in age were like in Roman times the curvier and more voluptuous women are regarded as having the ideal body types. When I put on a dress to go out, lord the DONK makes a world of a difference. A plain fitted tee and fitted jeans can look like an amazing outfit, JUST because of the way your DONK lines those jeans.

Additionally if you are lucky … you have these things called HIPS! They serve as a perfect combo to a Donk ……. BUT like I said every gift can be a curse.

CLOTHES – I can be such a horrible task trying to find jeans that fit you the right way! Now, I suppose any girl could say this BUT let’s be real: When your hips/ass measurement is a 40 and your waist is a 28, It is quite difficult to find something in just any store.

TYPES OF CLOTHES – When you have a DONK you can not or better yet SHOULD not wear everything that the “skinny girls” wear. In other words, those overly baggy, poof out skirts, leggings, oversized shorts, over sized shirts etc. You can wear these things, but all run the risk of making you look much bigger than you are …. So be careful!

WEIGHT – While having a DONK is great … It can also make you seem much bigger than you are and in due time that donk can become less attractive. Donk’s usually come with thighs which means you need to run, squat, lunge, and do leg lifts to unsure that as time moves on your ASS wont move in every direction with it! I find that Cardio is the best way to shape yourself up as a *thick chick. So Ladies get to running.

(And wear a big shirt when you do! Guys tend to stare too much if you don’t)

PHOTOS – You will be amazed but the way you stand or place your hands in a photo can also drastically add on the pounds. This is usually due to having large hips but if you are not with the “hippy” crowd then No Worries 🙂

Regardless of these things I can say I would not want my body any other way. I LOVE MY DONK …. It does NOT define me but it sure is a nice accent 😉

  1. Enjoyed this Blog…(butt) I hope this is not the “end” lolol I’m loving your writing.. Blessings Queen I shall be back 🙂

  2. Rallo also loves your donk… keep up the good work

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