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Poem: Dedicated to the Secret Lovers

In life on March 5, 2011 at 9:41 pm

Sometimes the outside world just doesn’t understand …

Four Walls

The span of my love exist between four walls
No greater than the reach of my arms
No wider than the stretch of my legs

Just far enough out of ear shot
Of friends realities and reminders that failure is built in a four walled fantasy

It’s hidden deep behind brick
Drowned out by jazz
Coupled with fingers that play my body like a Chello

Outside voices have no place here
The corruption of that sound would destroy the Godly hour

We share hours in the morning that live off humility
My love exist between four walls
Where pride attempts to creep in but fails time and time again

Where rational can be met by emotion
And emotion can be rational

This vortex of Four Walls knows no time
It only knows lips …
Touches ….
Embrace ….
It knows memories

The walls around sweat our story
on summer nights and & cold winter days
Where heat does no justice to our unified body temperatures

My love lives in societies purgatory
The greatest things are always met with disbelief

We are Alchemy
As the hardest medals we create more than Gold

This story, however, falls short of deaf ears
because it is caught by clasped lips

Only he, I and God can truly understand ….. us…
Oh, and those four walls that is ….

By: Sasha Kelly

Note: this entry has nothing to do with yesterday’s entry …. Someone requested for me to put up a poem so I did.

  1. *Snaps* I see you love…I need a shorter poem of your’s to start out my music video

  2. Good grace!! such a beautiful and expressive poetry…keep writing your heart..really superb one..

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