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Sasha Jackson is a self-proclaimed artist, visionary, and talented professional by her own right. At a very young age, Sasha knew she had a place in the entertainment industry, and she pursued her dream of acting at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, also known as the FAME school. It was there that her passion for projects in front, as well as behind the camera blossomed. Immediately following her graduation from high school, Sasha was offered the once in a lifetime opportunity to represent Seventeen Magazine in a reality television show entitled, ‘Ms. Seventeen’, which aired on MTV in 2005. Out of the seventeen girls chosen to be on the show, Sasha Jackson established herself as a strong presence and a positive role model for the youth in America until the final episode. This accomplishment was merely a stepping stone for Sasha to truly begin her quest for success. In her eyes, failure was not an option.

That same year, Sasha pursued her studies at Howard University while being an active presence in the student body as the Operations Manager for Howard University’s world renowned Homecoming and working as a major component for ESSTXR Media Company. At Howard, her expertise in Film Production strengthened and evolved and in 2009, Sasha’s short film dubbed ‘Indebted to You’ received a Paul Robeson nomination for Best Production. Moreover, during a study abroad program in France, Jackson interned at the International Film Festival and gained invaluable experience which undoubtedly solidified her belief that she had chose the right field. Later that year, Sasha Jackson graduated from Howard University with a B.A. in Film Production and a minor in Business Administration. Jackson is committed to expanding her professional career and experience while assisting others with their dreams along the way. She is currently a Director/Producer for ESSTXR Inc., doing freelance production work and pursuing an acting career.


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