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One Life To Live …

In life, women, Work on August 14, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Experience life. I don’t know when this actually becomes a fear. Almost like a pandemic.

I guess, if you really think about it, we are programmed since young to always color within the lines and, even, at times given a color chart to make sure that the picture comes out just as expected. We live. We grow. We learn. We work. We … exist. But, when does that pivotal moment occur?, that moment that causes you to want to risk everything. To journey out and start experiencing life, experiencing you?

I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. Anytime some one hears this, their immediate assumption is that I am rich. To any of my close friends, this is quite an entertaining joke. Known for my lack there-of in crazy pursuit of happiness, I am no “baller”. I am simply scared of the future. Scared of looking back one day and realizing that I never attempted to do whatever truly makes me happy. Maybe that’s what drew me to Evita “Evie” Robinson.

When I initially watched Evie’s videos on her blog site which focuses on her life and adventures around the world, I was not drawn in because of the places that she was showcasing but rather what she trying to represent: People that look like me/her traveling and experiencing the world. It is not impossible.

She was a genuine, unique and most importantly bold. During a conversation with her I asked what makes you so courageous to travel rugged lands alone and even more-so as a young female. Her immediate response was “Being courageous doesn’t mean you don’t have fear.” What a beautiful thought, she continued with what she refers to as ‘Analysis Paralysis’. In other words, we as humans, in general, have a tendency to over think situations and destroy opportunities with our own rational and worries, creating the ‘paralysis’ that stagnates us from living.

“When you just start going out and doing …. Life will literally create a path to make that happen,” says Evie. Some may think her approach is too haphazard but once you have taken a closer look you will find that her focus is just different. Her priorities do not lay with new fashion, life’s luxuries, or fine dining. Keeping a humble living she saves to afford these trips that culture and enrich her as a person.

I have spoken to many of my friends about their fear of traveling and in general their responses went something like this: I don’t speak any other language, I don’t have the money for that, I don’t have time for that, or my personal favorite “after watching hostel I am scared of staying in those”.

People you don’t need to speak another language to travel most places; most of communication is non-verbal so in that sentiment alone one should feel more at ease. Based on her own travels Evita has her own way of dealing with culture barriers “They don’t speak your language and they don’t look like you, you literally become reduced to symbols. I learn to say thank you, I’m sorry, hello, good bye … that and a smile will take you a long way”. In my own international experiences, paradoxically, I have found that people are often eager to practice whatever bit of English they may happen to know. So I implore folks do not to let language become a validation for not traveling. As far as time and money are concerned those are broken down by desire and priority. You make money and time for what you deem is important. No excuses.

Lets break it down like this … you spend about 6-8 hours sleeping per day. You spend an additional 4 – 6 hours doing things like watching tv, showering, and wasting time on the internet. You are now left with 12 hours per day to experience life. I believe that Evita said it best in her closing as her college graduation commencement speaker: “Excuse me but your life is waiting” …… So I ask you now, What are you going to do with it?


Open Your Mouth Wide ….

In life, Work on March 3, 2011 at 3:23 am

Nooooo I am not talking about the dentist, and get your mind out of the gutter because I am not talking about that either! 🙂 …

Growing up, there was nothing that my mother couldn’t stand more than me mumbling. With a sharp eye she would tell me “Open your mouth and speak up”. Now, don’t have me mistaken, I was not a quiet child …. I COULD open up my mouth to make noise, I COULD open it to sing songs, and I COULD open it argue with my sister. Inconveniently, I could NOT open up my mouth and speak up when it counted and by that I mean when I wanted something that I was not confident that I would get.

At 5 years old, it was mumbling for candy, at ten mumbling to play down the street, at 15 mumbling to spend the night at a friend’s house and now at 23 I found/find myself ready to mumble at someone else. This time it is not my Mom … this time…. I can’t speak up to the person with the check book.

For anyone who is not familiar with me, let me give you a quick catch-up story: Hi my name is Sasha Kelly and I want to be a Director and an Actress. Sooooooo of course, you know, that means I am not a huge director nor actress right now, but what I am is a p.a. (aka a production assistant). While sometimes being a p.a. can seem like b*tch work …. it can also be extremely beneficial. Imagine, you’re standing on a very expensive set, with easy access to some big named industry people. IT’S GREAT!!!! …. But, that is only if you stand out. I usually try my hardest to stand out and more often than not … I succeed.

So then, Why am I still broke??? Well it’s because I don’t know how to open up my mouth wide and state what I would like! I show up everyday, do my best to go above and beyond what everyone ask of me, consistently, and yet never bring up anything about money. Heck, I would not think about paying me either since I seemingly like to work for free. But, now it’s time for me to speak up!

Knowing your value as an artist, as a person and as a professional is extremely important. Everyone is ready and waiting to devalue you …. so why give them a head start by not speaking up. This is where my problem stems from … I don’t know what my own professional/artistic value is and that one element made it extremely difficult for me to ask for anything until NOW.

What caused the change you ask? … Well, a while ago, while assisting someone on a job for FREE (which I did not mind at the time) I came across the budget sheet. To my utter and total shock, there in black and white, stated a day fee of $200.00 for my services, a fee that I never received during my time working with him. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY DAYS I ASSISTED THIS PERSON!?!?!?! …. While I was mad at first, I realized that this was just a lesson for me. If I never speak up, how can I ever expect anything to change? this my friends is a lessons for all areas of life.

You have to claim what you want! Own it! OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIDE AND SAY __________________________ *You fill in the blank 😉