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Who, What, Where, When and Why ???

In life on March 24, 2011 at 3:13 pm

So its’ been a while …and bbbooooyyyyy have I missed you guys. I was busy doing tons of freelance work these past 2 weeks… which is great but, Gosh its hard being a ‘starving artist’. Anyway, as such, I have the luxury of functioning for the most part, on my own schedule and with that time I tend to discover really cools things. I often have friends, ask me for book suggestions, website suggestions, blogs, cool places, etc …. so I thought I would dedicate this post to a few things that I enjoy.

Little Dragon … This group ROCKS! …. They were like me and many of my close friends: Old buddies. Having known each other since high school they all attempted to have individual musical careers but ultimately have been finding success with each other. I would describe their sound as ….. a trance like-electronic-funk- soul experience! When I first heard their music I guessed that I was listening to a cool black under ground chick who probably wore thrift clothes before they were in style. Turns out though that I was wrong!!! the leader singer is a gorgeous Swedish-Japanese singer named Yukimi Nagano. The group isn’t even from America, they rock out from Gothenburg, Sweden but are currently touring Europe. Make sure to check them out: … Take a listen to my current favorite song by them Constant Surprises

SelfControl App.
This app was brought to my attention by a med-school bestie who is currently losing her mind. Well, she was until she found this app. What does it do you ask? It blocks out your favorite procrastination agents … ie facebook, twitter, mediatakeout, myspace (they’re making a comeback), blog sites etc. You set a timer, its blocks the sites you programmed and then there is no going back. So if you told yourself that for 90 minutes you would focus on writing a report, then that is what you would be left to do because you can not hit cancel. So ready, set , focus!!!! . Download app here

SOOOOO if you are a New York native like myself or your new to the scene you should check out one of my FAVORITE places: Bembe
Its free, has no dress code, open every night till 4am, plays international music and is just all around fun. While I love this spot I can’t leave out a few of its’ downsides such as, they’re a cash only spot, it looks like a hole in the wall place from outside, and it is quite small so I guarantee your hair will not look the same on a good night. Regardless of its down points I truly love this spot and on a night with great weather you will most likely find me there. Check it out here

For all my readers who are not in NY here is a virtual ‘WHERE’: No Que Dan Blogs
Ever thought of a really cool idea and wished that you could build or invent or do it but you just never did? Well here is where those ideas all actually brought to life by people all over the world. You will find all sorts of things ranging from games, furniture, art, bikes, shelves, anything you name it. I must tell you guys that the site is not in English but that never stopped me from understanding what was going on. At times you may even find a small english translation and one of my favorite features is that you can actually purchase some of the cool items. So, looking for a cool, unique gift that no one would think of? Well then click here for

First Saturdays at Brooklyn Museum

For those of you who love big cool crowds full of funky fresh people of all ages and ethnicities … This is the place for you. Every first Saturday of the month the Brooklyn Museum opens its’ door for free, inviting you to come and enjoy the new art that is being showcased on the 4th & 5th floors, take part in the art activities and then wrap up your night with a themed dance party in the Museum. It is great Saturday event and also a wonderful way to meet new and cool people. Check it out if you’re in the NYC area on April 2nd

Be informed … Watch the news, CNN, or one of my personal favorites BBC … The why to this is pretty simple, this is our world and it’s our duty to know what is going on out there.

Alright guys … this ends my Who, What, Where, When, Why post …. Anyone know anything cool that they think I should check out?